Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress Review

With a tiring and stressful feeling brought by your daily activities, you will certainly end up pleading for a comfortable, sound sleep. However, how will you attain this if you don’t have a convenient bed to lie down to? This only means that having a comfortable and favorable sleep is only possible if you are provided with a soft and smooth bed. In this case, shopping for a convenient contour mattress can be a good solution. If you are looking for a favorable choice, checking out the features from the Contour 8-inch Mattress by Signature Sleep could be one of your finest options.

People Best Suited for the Product

This product from Signature Sleep is ideally suitable to those people who always wish to have sound and comfortable sleep every night. The product made it possible through the purpose drive features found from it. With the functional features offered by this contour mattress, you will certainly be given the chance to put yourself to rest at its maximum giving you the strength the following day. Through the help of this product, you will be able to experience having a sound sleep just about every night when you lay down on it. So, it makes this mattress an ideal choice for you.

Describing the Product

This Contour 8-inch Mattress from Signature Sleep is holding true through its name, which is proven by the design it has. Its design is made with the purpose of giving satisfaction to the requirements of the users. Another great thing about this product is the shaped support it provides to your spinal while you are sleeping. This has made possible through the 480 tempered-steel independently-encased coils offered by the Contour. These coils are known to match with your body’s curves producing an equal distribution on your weight. Therefore, this relieves any points of pressure on your shoulders, hips, back and neck.

The Advantages

The product comes with several beneficial features, which made an ideal option for a quality contour mattress. This mattress features a superbly, independently pocketed 15 gauge pocket coils, which offer great support to the whole mattress. Aside from this, those coils also offer exceptional comfort to the person laying down on it. The product is made up of high quality polyester and foam that layer between coils and cover for maximum convenience and comfort. This item is also suitable to any typical frame of twin bed allowing you to take advantage of your existing bed frame. The mattress also features rolled and compressed package, which enables easy shipping of the product. It also features independently-encased coils that provide equal distribution on weight. Those coils also get rid of motion disturbance, which adds to the comfort it provides.

The Drawbacks

This product comes in a bit expensive price, so you may find it as a drawback. But then, considering the total convenience and comfort it offers, you will certainly put your doubt into waste.


Being provided with a comfortable mattress is one of the dreams of most people. So, if you are one of them, make sure to check out the opportunities offered by Signature Sleep Contour Mattress in order for you to get the best option available. With this contour mattress, you will certainly experience a sound sleep every night.